We have worked in the Las Vegas club industry for over seven years.This allowed us to not only develop relationships with people working at various clubs throughout Las Vegas but also to get a lot of insight on the ins and outs of how things work in this city.

If you do not know people you can find yourself spending a lot of time waiting in long lines only to get inside and realize after awhile you want to go check out another place.Throughout the years after witnessing many obstacles and frustrations that club goers faced we decided to create a unique way to experience Vegas nightlife.

We wanted to form an opportunity for people to visit multiple venues without waiting in line and paying all the expensive covers. This in turn is how the creation of Sin City Club Crawl came about. We enjoy what we do and enjoy taking people into an atmosphere where they can have fun, relax, and let go.

We strive to make a great and enjoyable evening for everyone that participates in Sin City Club Crawl.We hope you can come join us on an adventurous and hassle free way to experience Vegas clubs.

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