Party Bus Pool Crawl

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Pool Club Crawl with Party Bus Booze Cruise

the-17-best-pool-parties-in-las-vegas-a-complete-guide                         Parties and clubs are not just at night anymore. Las Vegas has some of the best pool parties to keep the fun going all day long so come join us on a pool club tour!  

Included in Package:

  • *Drink specials at check in (Bare pool inside Mirage Hotel)
  • *Party bus transportation to all the pools
  • *Admissions to all day clubs
  • *Complimentary bud light, vodka Lemonade, vodka cranberry, Bacardi punch, tequila mango margaritas and waters
  • *Tour Guides

Pool Itinerary for this week

  • Friday 5/18/2018

  • *1st Pool Check in: 11:30am Bare Pool at Mirage Hotel

  • *Party Bus- complimentary drinks on party bus

  • Daylight Beach Club

  • *Party Bus - booze cruise to

  • Rehab Pool

  • Saturday 5/19/2018

  • *1st Pool Check in 11:30am Bare Pool at Mirage Hotel

  • *Party Bus booze cruise to

  • Daylight Pool

  • *Party Bus booze cruise to

  • Rehab Pool

Pools We Go To:
  • *Drais Beach Club at the Cromwell
  • *Daylight Beach Club at Mandalay Bay
  • *Rehab at the Hard Rock Hotel
  • *Bare Pool at the Mirage Hotel
  • *Wet Republic at the MGM (Sundays only)
  • *All Pools/itineraries are subject to change due to capacity, weather or a special event.
Dress Code for the Pool Party Tour: SWIM ATTIRE ONLY
  • Men: Shorts(Swim trunks or board shorts), tank tops or t-shirts, flip flops, sandals-No Athletic gear
  • Women: Bikinis, bathing suits, flip flops, sandals or heels
Items Not Allowed inside:
  • *No Medications or drugs of any kind
  • *No backpacks or luggage
  • *No mints
  • *No electronic cigarettes
  • *No lip gloss or compacts with glass mirrors
  • *Most day club pools do search bags. A bag check is available for oversized purses & bags

Join the pool crawl...Buy your Tickets HERE!

We can do Private tours for groups of 10 or more people even ratio of guy girls in the group, or just girls. If you have a group of 6 or more even ratio guy girls we offer special group pricing for our regular tours same goes for groups of Ladies of 2 or more we can offer special pricing Just contact us at 702-686-2582 or Email us at for more info.